Do you know about a crisis line?

This hotline number is attainable or accessible for all citizens who can call up these numbers if they are stuck in some emergency situation and need urgent attention or help from the concerned team. One of the best known hotline numbers is 911 which are made available for all American citizens under critical situations. Citizens who are in an emergency situation can urgently seek assistance from expert team to come out safe of the life risking issue.

Crisis Line

Nowadays most of the developed countries have their hotline number

The facility of using the emergency number is not only limited to the US. Most advanced cities are now using this feature to ensure safety of its citizens. Similar to US all these emergency call numbers are availed by the citizens to help them in emergency conditions. It is reported that these hotline numbers have originated way back since mid-70s.Since then these have increased in popularity and numbers day after day. As you can see that there are different types of emergency numbers for residents of a city to seek help from during various issues or types of problems, they are undergoing.

When and how did the service of an emergency line develop?

The concept of Crisis Line was at first made known by Chad Varah in the year 1953.A service organization known as ‘The Samaritans’ was founded by him to help the population. It was first originated in the UK and mainly focussed on reaching out to the people in different parts of that country. In the United States the first and foremost service branch was established in the city of Boston and Massachusetts in the year 1974. The help services started from Boston but spread out to other areas like New York City, Merrimack Valley, New Bedford area, Falmouth, Keene of New Hampshire, Hartford, Providence and also some locations of Massachusetts.

There are so many types of emergency or crisis line today

Since its introduction, various types of crisis lines have come into existence. Generally the primary objective of these multiple kinds of hotline numbers is to provide help to specific issues of the residents. They also make sure that the call reaches to the most correct trained experts, who will have the ability to somehow assist or relieve the problems of callers. Take the case of suicide hotlines for example who generally deal with concerns related to socio anxiety or stress, depression, suppression or other circumstances which may force an individual to commit suicide. These hot lines specific to suicide have an expert team of psychologists who are efficient enough to provide appropriate counselling to the suffering individuals who has called for help.

Responsible citizens should have a list of such hotlines handy

Government generally advise the citizens to have a list of the emergency numbers handy. There is crisis line provided for various cases like fire, medical emergency, accidents or other severe situations.

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