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Crisis Intervention and Help

If you, a friend, loved one or associate of yours is facing a particularly difficult time, there is help available! Crisis Hot Lines of all types have caring people who really want to help find “the daylight” out of your current crisis situation. Many crisis line volunteers and professionals have either been in a situation similar to yours, but not identical. They can still really be able to help you find a solution when you don't feel like you can continue on with life as it is right now for you.

There are also many professional counselors, therapists, doctors, psychologists, teachers, ministers and healers that will know how to help you. They can show you options you may not have known existed, but are solutions to what you are facing at this very moment in time.


Crisis Helplines

It may be difficult at first to trust someone you don't even know, but that is one of the lessons in life that we all have to learn eventually. How to trust, not blindly, but openly and see if what they are saying resonates with you. If it doesn't look on to the next option. You will find it if you keep moving in that direction. Here are the most common types of crisis hot line numbers:


  • Suicide Prevention
  • Veterans Crisis Line
  • Depression Help
  • Psychological Issues
  • Physical and Emotional Abuse Issues
  • Child Abuse Issues
  • Teen Issues and Runaway Issues
  • Substance Abuse Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Homeless Issues
  • Housing Issues
  • Student Loan Issues
  • Spiritual Issues
  • Financial Issues


When you are facing an emergency situation the first and foremost thing you need is to the feeling of being heard. You can ask the person you are calling or texting not to advise you right away, but listen to your issues first. The significant thing here is to make a connection with other person and feel that sense of being attended to totally.

These Crisis Line numbers will ensure that whatever your problems that you share will be kept confidential. The experts will share their experience and strength regarding similar concerns and you can then open up more easily. The first call you make can be the toughest. But once you have opened up about your issues you will feel a sense of relief and will be able to handle it with confidence better than ever before.


Reach Out to at Least One Person

Some researches do show that if you receive support from other people during a crisis situation, it is very helpful in reducing stress. It is advised by some expert counselors that if you cannot handle the situation emotionally at some point you must seek professional advice, there is nothing to be ashamed of. A Crisis situation can be the initial starting point for disconnection which may lead to increased level of despair and anxiety. Human beings are social animal and they feel happy when they connect with others and feel their guidance or support in critical situations.

If you make frequent outreach calls to Crisis Line or seek advice from others, it can help you come out of the feeling of isolation. So when you are in an emergency condition, whatever it may be do not hesitate to call a hotline number or may be a trained expert or it can be a near and dear family member, with whoever you feel comfortable to share your problem. This will restore hope and build up your efficiency to handle things more smartly. If you are feeling a little blue, then you may even ask yourself “Am I Depressed?”


There are several organizations who offer Crisis Call Center service twenty four hours a day

Individuals who are seeking help or guidance or support must dial up these hot line numbers. It is a known fact that emergency can strike anyone at any time in their life. It is beyond control sometimes.  Then the requirement for emotional support and assistance is something which is a must need.  Staff, volunteers and counselors are working around the clock to help individuals reinvent the skills or resources, which they possess specially to come out of this situation and also help to increase self-sufficiency.  Their devoted team works passionately to bring you together to help end the isolation of depression and loneliness. The work is highly dependent on the experience and expertise of volunteers, members, trustees, friends and facilitators across the city.


Crisis Hotline Numbers

Crisis line numbers exist for a wide variety of issues in the society like AIDS, Alcohol, Child abuse, suicide, domestic violence, medical, rape and sexual assault, running away from home, substance abuse and many others. To get immediate help you can visit Crisis Line Text and Call Lines.